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Invicta-TTS for Windows
How do I Install Invicta-TTS for Windows?
How do I upgrade Invicta-TTS on Windows?
Shortcuts for Windows
Invicta-TTS for MacOS
How do I Install Invicta-TTS for MacOS?
How do I upgrade Invicta-TTS on MacOS?
Shortcuts for MacOS
Invicta-TTS for iOS
How do I download Invicta-TTS on iOS?

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How to use Invicta-TTS Article rated 5.0/5.0
If you haven't already launch Invicta-TTS. You can do this via the start menu or the desktop. Paste in the text you want read out. (Cntrl+V) (CMD+v) Press Play and Invcita-TTS will speak. Press Pause ...
Known Bugs Article rated 5.0/5.0
Known bugs in Invicta-TTS v.1.0MacThe Pronouniation of the word "reads" and "read" is incorrect.  - Resolved in v.1.1WindowsThe window can be readjusted from the inside panel.  - Resolved in v.1.1 Kno...
Is Invicta-TTS safe? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Invicta-TTS is safe, We test both the Mac and Windows versions of the application with anti-virus engines with each update.We also ensure that our site is scanned reguarlly for malware/viruses and we ...
Is Invicta-TTS free? Article rated 5.0/5.0
Yes! Invicta-TTS is 100% free for everyone. Although the software does cost money to run and operate. (about £150 a year!) we classify our software as freewareAs a result we have setup a patreon page ...

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