Is Invicta-TTS safe?

Invicta-TTS is safe, We test both the Mac and Windows versions of the application with anti-virus engines with each update.

We also ensure that our site is scanned reguarlly for malware/viruses and we also have a firewall and Anti-DDoS system in place. Our website is stored in a Datacentre that was previously a military bunker. we respect your privacy and security.

For Windows Users: If your running the windows version note that Windows may say the program is unsafe. This is due to the application not having a signed certificate. As such we have provided an MD5 hash so that you can verify that the application came from us and has not been modified in the process. If you click more Info then run anyway the application will contiune to install.

Mac Users: Our Application has been signed with a certificate, when you open the application for the first time it will come up with a warning that the application has been downloaded from the internet


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